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Make a Pledge for the Walk-A-Thon

This year, we will be using for taking online walk-a-thon pledges.

Using the link below in your browser, you’ll come to our welcome page:

To Make a Pledge For a Specific Student

Click on the green “Donate” button on our Walk-A-Thon fundraising page.

Then select “Choose a Student” when asked who should get credit for your pledge.









Then scroll down and enter a student’s name in the area labeled “Search for a student”. As you type, you will be shown matching options. Select the desired student.

If the family you’re supporting has more than one child, you have the option to “Choose Another” one or more times.

For each student, decide if you want to make a fixed amount pledge or if you want to pledge a certain amount per lap the student walks at the walk-a-thon. Continue through the rest of the steps to make your credit card donation.

To Share a Link with Family and Friends:

Using the Students tab, you can find your student & link to their unique share page.

When you click on the Students tab, you can scroll down to find your student, or type a search to look for them.

From here you can share your students’ links to Facebook, Twitter, Google + or get a shareable link to send directly to your friends & family with the click of a button.

When people click on your link, they’ll be taken directly to the donation page with your student’s information filled in.

We hope that you find easy to use and fun. We believe being able to request pledges via social media will make it much easier to succeed! Thanks for your tremendous support.

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