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Lafayette Volunteer Opportunities


Our leaders are graduating and we’ll need fresh volunteers to run these events next year (2019/2020), grab a friend & volunteer to assist them this year to learn the ropes:  Auction, Walk-A-Thon, Dessert Dash


School Family Dance Helpers Needed: email Kristin

Friday Popcorn Sales Leopard Leader Helper Sign-up 

Running Club, Lunch Recess on Tues & Thurs: Count Laps

Green Team Help starting in January Mondays 2:15-3:30pm Garden Lab Room: Ms. Whipple

Wednesday Morning STEAM help, contact Ms. Hogrefe

Book Fair & Library help, contact Ms. Nakagawa

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee, contact Jennifer Barringer

Budget Planning, contact Renee Dodds



Volunteer Requirements

Step 1: fill out volunteer application on-line or fill out a paper form available in the front office.
Step 2: All volunteers must complete the online course on Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention. The video is about 25 minutes long. Follow the prompts and print out the completion form and turn it in at the office to Selina. A copy of this print out will be filed with your background check application. Every year, a new background application must be filled out. You only have to watch this video once, not yearly.
You must read the Volunteer Handbook in the office (next to the badges) and sign the form located in the back of the book.
Step 3: Provide a copy of your ID and information for an annual back-ground check.  On-line or in the front office with Ms. Selina.

If you choose to fill out your volunteer application on-line your information will be saved for future years of volunteer service.   Your online application can be renewed annually – no need to reapply entirely as in the past. 


What makes Lafayette so successful? Students, staff and many, many volunteers working together as a team. We invite you to be a part of that team. Below you will find brief descriptions of areas where you are needed.

Room Parents & Classroom Helper

A wonderful way to get involved in your child’s school! Each class needs a room parent to assist the teacher and the PTA. Teachers’ needs vary but your duties may include maintaining a classroom telephone directory, arranging field trips, organizing parent assistance on special projects, coordinating Teacher Appreciation Week for your class, or planning a class party. Sign up to be the main room parent or a classroom helper!


One of our most important volunteer requests, tutors are needed for individual or small group help in both general and special education classrooms. Your school volunteer coordinator will work with the teacher to coordinate days and times that are convenient for you. You can give as little as one day a week for a couple of hours or an hour every day. Help with reading, math, or another subject as you prefer. Lafayette welcomes all parents, friends, or community members to volunteer and make a difference in a young person’s education.

Note: The Seattle School District requires all volunteers to submit a completed Volunteer Application Form with background check prior to working with students. Copies of this application are available from the school office. For more information visit:

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  1. Hi….I currently have a grandson, Myles Estes, in the first grade in Mrs. Millers class. I have done the requirements for becoming a volunteer. I’m wanting to do some volunteering at the school. Either in Myles’s classroom or elsewhere in the school as needed. I would be happy working in the library or reading with children. My schedule is fairly flexible. I do leave at times during the winter months for short extended periods. Please let me know I I can be of any help.
    Thank you,
    Lori Estes

    1. Good Morning Lori,

      I’ve sent you an email with details on many opportunities we have for you. We love our volunteers and are so grateful for your time! Please let me know if I can help you further.

      Erika Stromberg
      PTA Communications Team

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