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Lafayette Science Garden & Outdoor Classroom


The Lafayette Science Garden Program is one of our students’ favorite things about our school!  We are excited to announce the donor partnership with The Robins Family Trust to expand our science garden.  Because of this generous donation, Lafayette has plans to integrate the garden into every aspect of our curriculum, including art, science, writing, and social studies. Additionally, our students will have two new dedicated classrooms.  A Maker Room for project planning and creation, and a Garden Grow Room to extend all garden projects inside. These classrooms give teachers and students the opportunity to create and learn outside the bounds of normal class work.

This is an enormously exciting development for our school and we look forward to keeping you updated on our other “projects in the works.” These include solar panels, outdoor greenhouse classroom, weather station and more!

Garden News…..

Summer Garden Help

Have you always wanted to tool around in the school garden? Now is your chance! Sign up with the link below to adopt the school garden for a week in the summer. The kids work so hard planting all spring and the fall harvest is their reward but it takes a village to water it all summer. Please help! 

They are lots of pictures posted on the Lafayette PTA Facebook page of the students and their discoveries.


Nature may be taking a rest but things are busy in the garden program at Lafayette!  Outside kids have been prepping for winter by cleaning beds, planting cover crops of garlic and crocus, and protective coverings for the kale.  Inside, we have been learning about the pumpkin and making lots of art with seeds, leaf rubbings, homemade mint tea and vegetable dyes.  A new favorite activity is feeding and visiting our resident worms that live in the Plant Lab.  We have installed new grow lights and microscopes too.  Our bulletin board in the front lobby now has hundreds of pictures of the kids working in the garden.  Special mention to Mr. Schroeder’s class who ate pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, kale, mint, green tomatoes, and raw garlic all in one class.


Over 200 kids have come with their classes into the garden and Plant Lab in the first 3 weeks of school! It’s a wonderful, busy time of year as teachers make big plans to incorporate their curriculum with the garden and lab as a resource.  Kids have harvested tomatoes, carrots, mint, marigolds, sunflowers, peas, beans, corn, zucchini, lavender, basil, kale, and sage. Two new microscopes have been a big deal in the Plant Lab.  Kids have been looking at the changing leaves, decomposing plants, bug carcasses and dirt up close, very close!

Some other recent projects include; setting up grow lights and planting our first batch of indoor crops, a 4th grade class taking daily soil temperatures and PH, baking with frozen crops harvested this summer, and we should have the new weather station set up soon!

Thank you to the families of Lafayette for the donations, including almost 200 sunflowers! Enough for most of the school to be able to dissect their own sunflower in the name of science and then harvest the seeds for eating, art and seed packets for next year.

We cannot leave out a big thank you to our Principal, Mrs. Chaput, for helping so much with room set up and to the Robins Family Trust, without their support, none of this would have happened.  As always, we welcome parent visits and help!

The Garden Team

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