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Running Club

Running Club provides a fun way to teach kids to keep moving in a positive atmosphere. It is held every Tuesday and Thursday during lunch recess on the playground. 

Lunch Recess Times 2018/2019:
Grade K/1-10:45-11:05
Grade 2/3-11:10-11:30
Grade 4/5-11:35-11:55
EVERY student is enrolled! Just show up and run or walk. Students’ miles are tracked for the year with an app. Every 5 miles, students earn prizes.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to come run with their child at recess!  Please sign in at the front office.

Volunteers Needed!  Come Coach our kids with us, we need your help!  Sign up for just one Tuesday, we would love your help!  The younger kids especially need help finding their cards at the beginning of recess.


Running Club News

Here’s your chance to run, walk or move with a professional athlete! Megan Oyster, a defender with the Seattle Reign, will be joining Running Club, on Thursday, November 29th. Come run with your student and Megan during lunch recess out on the playground. Grade K/1 recess 10:45-11:05; Grade 2/3 recess 11:10-11:30; Grade 4/5 recess 11:35-11:55.

Important Dates

  • Sep 18: First Day of Running Club
  • Oct 1: Come Run With Me. Students invite their parent/guardian/neighbor to run with them
  • Oct. 30: Pumpkin Run. Come run and earn a pumpkin token.
  • Oct 31:  Athlete’s for Hope Welcomes Professional Seattle Reign Athletes Megan Oyster & Beverly Yanez at our school assembly!
  • Thursday Nov 29: Professional Athlete Megan Oyster from Seattle Reign FC joins us!
  • Tuesday Dec. 11: Snowflake Run. Come run and earn a snowflake token.
  • Tuesday Jan 15: Seattle Reign FC Athletes Join us!
  • Tuesday Feb.12:Mile Day-Run a mile and earn a token.
  • April 22nd-April 26: Every Kid Healthy Week
    • Lafayette Leaping Leopard Mileage Challenge is a weeklong competition during Running Club that recognizes the boy and girl in each grade who runs the most laps.
    • Healthy Snack Contest-Create a healthy snack with 5 ingredients without the use of an oven. Winning entries will be simple, nutritious and delicious! The winning entry will be showcased and sampled during lunch.
  • Thursday May 30: End of the Season Fun Run. Come run a half-mile course on the playground to celebrate the end of Running Club

Lafayette Elementary Running Club is brought to you by Action for Healthy Kids grant.  We also participate in Athletes for Hope & Fuel Up to Play 60 programs.

For more information on our running club please contact Aimee Corr, Lafayette PTA Health & Fitness Chair.  Follow us on Facebook.

Running Club Photos

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Reign Visit 2018
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