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President Job Description

Lafayette PTA
Job Description

The President is elected by the general members after having served for one year as the Vice President. The term lasts from July 1 until June 30th.

General Responsibilities:

  • Plan for, develop agenda for, coordinate with guests, and preside at all monthly board and general meetings during the school year. Typically, Board meetings and General meetings occur once a month, with the exception of December and June. That’s an estimated total of 16 meetings.
  • Develop good working relationship with School Administration on areas or issues where parental input is necessary. Be willing to provide candid, thoughtful and respectful feedback to them. (A current example of this is in the review and potential adoption of a different math curriculum.) Coordinate and communicate monthly coffee chats with the Principal.
  • Participate as the Parent Representative on the Building Leadership Team. This group meets monthly and is comprised of the Principal, Vice Principal, teachers representing each grade level, and specialists.
  • Write a monthly letter to parents for the Paw Print Press. This newsletter comes out in the months where meetings are held.
  • Work closely with the Vice President to determine appropriate division of labor and shadowing opportunities.
  • Serve as spokesperson and representative for the Lafayette PTA. This happens several times and places throughout the year at Lafayette. Some in-person examples would be the Kindergarten playdates over the summer, New Family Meet & Greet, Curriculum Night, The Volunteer Appreciation Tea, etc. The President also represents Lafayette in West Seattle PTA meetings and conversations and can be called on by the media from time to time.
  • Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to recruit and identify key volunteers for various committees and positions, in accordance with the Standing Rules. In some instances, the President helps the new Volunteers get oriented to their new jobs.
  • Be an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee. Work closely with Chairs of these committees where necessary. (The committees or projects that I have found myself working the most with have been The Budget Committee, WAT and Auction Chairs, the Lafayette Capacity Action Team and some Ad Hoc committees such as the one currently reviewing and updating our standing rules or the one that developed recommendations around the drop-off/pick up procedures last year)
  • Disseminate and communicate all information received pertinent to PTA/PTSA programs to the appropriate audiences (parents, the board, the administration, etc.). Aside from important information about what’s going on at school, this information comes from various sources – Washington State PTSA (WSPTSA), and the Seattle Council PTSA (SCPTSA); Work with school secretary to get information out in the bulletin, with the PTA Email Coordinator for “blasts”, the Webmaster, and the Editor of the Paw Print Press.
  • Perform all duties pertaining to the office such as specified in the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws and the standing rules; This includes attending trainings and ensuring that the appropriate officers attend trainings so that our chapter remains in good standing.
  • With an eye to the future, oversee the general well-being of our chapter of the PTA and implement changes or improvements where necessary. Monitor the treasurer’s report, attend PTA and The Law, follow protocols during meetings, be knowledgeable of required deadlines for fee/membership payments and tax filings. Implement controls to ensure our chapter runs smoothly and without risk.
  • Be a signer on checks our chapter writes. This requires coordinating with the treasurer to meet up and sign checks.
  • Work closely with the school administrative staff on communication packets that go out to parents. Write letters and documents as necessary. Coordinate with various PTA Volunteers on the materials we include in the first day packets.
  • Send to the WSPTA Office the names and addresses of the newly elected officers for the upcoming year immediately upon election but no later than May 1;
  • Participate in the election of the region director for the WSPTA;
  • Assure local unit representation at council meetings if the local unit is a member of a council.
  • Coordinate, oversee, and award the Golden Acorn Award at the end of each school year. Order appropriate pins, plaques, etc.

Time Commitment
The number of hours per week the PTA President spends on this work can vary widely. Some weeks may require 2-4 hours a day; others may only require that many hours for the whole week. Some busier times of year include the last week of summer and the first few weeks of school, weeks where there are Board or General meetings (especially the week in between the two), “budget” season, and during Walk-A-Thon and Auction planning. This can be a question of style, priority, and also how much the President and Vice President divide the work.

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