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Fundraising Chair Job Description

Lafayette PTA
Fundraising Chair
Job Description

The Fundraising Chair is appointed by the PTA President. The term lasts from July 1 until June 30th.

Job Description. The Fundraising Chair will work with Lafayette volunteers, parents, students, staff, and the Lafayette community and will oversee all of the fundraising activities for the Lafayette PTA, including the two largest PTA fundraisers; the Walk-A-Thon, and the school auction. Duties would include, among others:

• Attend monthly board meetings.
• Build and deploy a Business Sponsorship and Procurement Team.
• Work with Lafayette Administration to plan key fundraising dates.
• Assign duties to important volunteer positions (coordinators).
• Oversee training for all volunteer coordinators.
• Drive the fundraising timeline.
• Interface with local businesses regarding services (printers, supplies, sponsorships, etc).
• Review all fundraising public communications.
• Respond in a timely manner to staff and volunteer coordinator communications.
• Provide periodic reports to the PTA Board regarding fundraising status.
• Develop strategies to improve the Lafayette PTA’s fundraising abilities.

Qualifications. The Fundraising Chair should:

• Be reasonably capable of using Excel or other database management software;
• Be generally available by email and cell phone most of the time;
• Be detail oriented, with strong organizational skills;
• Have a flexible enough schedule to be around before and after school frequently in order to meet with instructors, parents, and school staff; and
• Be a member of the Lafayette PTA.

Leadership. The Fundraising Chair will oversee the following positions, among others:

• Walk-A-Thon Chair
• Auction Chair
• Spring Fling Chair?
• Scrip Chair
• BoxTops Chair

Time Commitment. 8-10 hours per week.

For Consideration. Please send an email indicating your interest to the Lafayette PTA Board at

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