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Co-Secretary Job Description

PTA Co-Secretary Job Description

The Co-Secretary works in partnership with another Co-Secretary. It is a two year term. Currently, we recruit one Co-Secretary every year so that there is one person with a year’s experience on the team at all times. The two Co-Secretaries partner to accomplish the following:

The secretary shall take minutes and record all business transacted at each meeting (board and general membership) of the unit/council, and of the executive committee, making sure all minutes are complete. Minutes must be prepared and approved at the next meeting.

The secretary arranges childcare for board meetings once a month and general meetings once a month. They keep the master list of babysitters current.

In some instances, they work with the President to plan the meeting agenda and inform the President of any unfinished business at the meetings. The secretary also issues all “calls” or notices of meetings and conducts such correspondence as the board of directors or executive committee designates.

At the meetings the secretary also takes attendance to determine if a quorum is present. In the event both the President and Vice President are absent, calls the meeting to order and asks for nominations for a chair pro-tem.

The secretary should work with the treasurer and the membership chair to keep an up-to-date roster of members and keep and up-to-date record of all committees. The secretary is responsible to help ensure that all members’ names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers are up to date, and to serve in other ways as directed by the standing rules or the President.

During the membership drive at the start of the school year, they send home fliers and have fliers available for events/meetings. They enter new member information online and into the PTA Database. They send home membership cards and send payment to WSPTA 2-3 times a year with the Treasurer.

It is important that the secretary also attend the WSPTA’s Secretary workshop to learn in greater detail how to perform the duties of this job. Attending one training is mandatory for this elected position in order for our PTA to remain in good standing with the WSPTA.

At the end of the fiscal year (June 30), the secretary should be sure all copies of legal documents notebooks and permanent record files are in order and ready to transfer to new officers.

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