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Green Team


The Lafayette Green Team is here! What is the Green Team? A Green Team is a group of students ready to take action to become environmental stewards at Lafayette, at home, or out in the community. Green Team activities can focus on reducing waste, improving recycling, or promoting sustainability.

Led by 2nd Grade Teacher Ms. Whipple, currently there are 11 team members, leaving room for 4-5 more students! Interested in joining? We are open to all grades and meet on Fridays from 2:30-3:30pm in the Plant Lab.  Permission Slips can be picked up from a folder outside Ms. Whipple’s room (Room 13) or downloaded here.  The Green Team does crafts, games, school clean-ups, research projects, and education within the school.  Students may also be involved in lunchtime clean-up supervision during the school day, making announcements, or leading assemblies.  Our current sustainability projects are a reusable paper program and a Waste-Free Wednesday Lunch program.  Look for more sustainability projects from Green Team throughout the year!

A Green Team

  • Provides hands-on experience with conservation concepts.
  • Turns learning into action.
  • Lets students see the results of their choices.
  • Benefits students at Lafayette, in our homes and in our community.

THANK YOU to Ms. Whipple for leading this program!

March, 2018 Update

The Green Team has started a program called Waste Free Wednesdays.  We are encouraging students to pack a waste free lunch with reusable containers and silverware.

One child’s disposable lunch generates an average of 67 pounds of waste each year!

We are trying to reduce the amount of waste our school produces and make the amount of garbage smaller every day.  Since you are the ones who purchase and pack your children’ lunches, we ask that you help us reduce our waste and take care of our community and our planet!
Learn more at here.

An Average Disposable Lunch                   An Average Waste-Free Lunch
$4.02 / Day $2.65 / Day
$20.10 / Week $13.25 / Week
$723.60 / School Year $477.00 / School Year


There are many different re-usable containers available.  Here are a few suggestions:

Thank you for helping make Lafayette a more sustainable school!

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