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Enrichment Programs

Registration for Winter 2019 Enrichment Programs is now open.   Please click on this link to register by Monday, December 24th.

Winter 2019 Session begins Monday January 7th and ends Friday March 22nd, unless otherwise noted. Session is approximately 10 weeks long. A few classes will go for nine weeks due to holidays, etc. Cost for those classes remains at rate noted.

There are NO Classes on the following days:

  • No School Monday January 21st (MLK Jr)
  • No School Midwinter break Week of Feb 18th-22nd

Please contact PTA Enrichment coordinator Kathy Johnson at or PTA Enrichment Chair Joe Wadden with any additional questions.

  • Classes with a stated maximum limit will be determined by lottery. Late registrations will be considered by PTA Enrichment coordinator.
  • Two ways to register: On line (processed in real time) OR paper enrollment (processed at same time as on line). If enrolling by paper, please fill out and hand in the last 2 pages of this document to the PTA Command Center’s Drop Slot. Parents will receive an email confirmation prior to the start of the session.
  • Full and Partial Scholarships are available to families who request them, no questions asked, for one class per child per session with maximum total scholarship of $200. Please note that scholarships are funded through the proceeds of the PTA Enrichment Program itself, i.e. from all our families. Our goal is to be all-inclusive but also self-sustaining. Please carefully consider the needs of your family when deciding whether to request a scholarship. Scholarship requests will be kept confidential. If the demand for scholarships is too great, the PTA may need to limit the number of scholarships awarded.
  • We invite you to comment below or contact us with suggestions that would interest your student for our future Enrichment class offerings.
  • We invite you to fill out our Enrichment Survey.


Monday Location Cost
Comic Art & Mural Design K-5th (2:30-3:30pm) Art Room 6 $145/session
Dodgeball 3rd-5th (2:30-3:30pm) Gym $125/session
Vine & Stem: Star Wars STEAM 2nd-5th (2:30-3:45pm) Room 23 $180/session
Fashion Club 1st-5th (2:30-4:00pm) Room 8 $260/session
Game Development 3rd-5th (2:30-3:30pm) Technology Room $230/session
Jump Rope  1st-5th (2:30-3:30pm) Gymnasium $160/session
Sing Out Seattle 1st-5th (1:15-3:15pm) Portables $230/session
Little Coders K-2nd (1:15-2:15pm) Technology Room $230/session
Decorate Your Space K-5th (1:15-2:15pm) Art Room $185/session
Super Science K-5th (1:15-2:30pm) Room 8 $230/session
Chess Club 1st-5th (2:30-3:30pm) Library $125/session
Vine & Stem: Garden K-5th (2:30-3:30pm) Room 23 $165/session
School of Rock K-2nd (2:30-3:30pm) Portable 27 $140/session
After School Sports 2nd-5th (2:30-3:45pm) Gymnasium $175/session
Vine & Stem: Harry Potter STEAM 2nd-5th (2:30-3:45pm) Room 23 $200/session

Winter 2019 Enrichment Classes 


Comic Art & Mural Design            K-5th                          Monday 2:30-3:30 PM

Andy Miller, Artist                            Art Room 6                             $145/session

If your children love to draw and tell stories, then Comic Art & Mural Design is the class for them!  Each Monday afternoon, students will further their skills in comic illustration, character building and story boarding, while at the same time designing and painting a mural to be hung at Lafayette Elementary.  Students will be given guided instruction and the freedom of creative expression in this fun and engaging class taught by artist Andrew Miller.  Sign up today and watch their creative minds expand!   Min. 5 students/Max. 30 students

Dodgeball                                                     3rd-5th                          Monday 2:30-3:30 PM

Gio Perez, Lafayette IA                            Gymnasium                                    $125/session

Dodgeball refers to a collection of team sports in which players on two teams try to throw balls at each other while avoiding being hit themselves.  There are many variations of the game, but generally the main objective of each team is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by hitting them with thrown balls, catching a ball thrown by a member of the opposing team, or forcing them to move outside the court boundaries when a ball is thrown at them. Min. 5 students/Max. 20 students

Vine & Stem: Star Wars                              2nd-5th                              Monday 2:30-3:45 PM

Alden Alvarado                              Room 23                                 $180/session

Vine & Stem created a STEAM class that brings science into the Star Wars universe. Students will get to make crafts like their own LED light sabers (finger size), Star Wars terrariums, paper airplanes, and Jaba the hut slime (all to take home). Science experiments will also be a key part to the course with things like building escape pods and testing them in our wind tunnel, experimenting with Star Wars sound effects and green screen concepts, using “the force” to move water (static electricity) and more. Each class a recap of the experiments and photos will be sent home via email, so you won’t have to pull a Jedi mind trick to find out what they did that day.  Min. 6 students/Max. 25 students


Fashion Club                                               1st5th                                      Tuesday 2:30-4:00 PM

Miss Reese                                                  Room 8                                            $260/session

Under the guidance of instructor/designer, Miss Reese, designers will get the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind runway look inspired by a musical genre of their choice!!! This course culminates in a runway show directly following our final club session. In addition, designers will be given a fashion sketchbook to collect inspiration, concept sketches and notes.   Min. 7 students/Max. 18 students

Game Development                       3rd5th                                             Tuesday 2:30-3:30 PM

Coding with Kids                           Technology Room                         $230/session 

This course introduces kids to computer programming through the fun and excitement of building video games. Working in Scratch, a drag-and-drop programming tool, students will create everything from animations to multi-level games. Beginner Students will learn the core concepts of programming a game, such as loops, conditionals, and variables. Intermediate Students will level-up to more complex concepts, like nested conditionals and functions with parameters. Projects are updated each session, so returning students will have new challenges to work through and advance their creativity and knowledge to the next level.    Min. 8 students/Max. 16 students

Jump Rope for Fun and Fitness    1st-5th                          Tuesday 2:30-3:30 PM

 Rene Bibaud, Ropeworks              Gymnasium                                    $160/session

Ropeworks is the creation of athlete, entertainer, motivational speaker and educator, Rene Bibaud. Rene has; won 5 World Jump Rope Championships, toured professionally as jump rope performer and coach for the renowned Cirque Du Soleil and started her own company with a special focus on youth motivation and fitness.  “Jump Rope for Fun and Fitness” offers students an opportunity to learn a variety of jump rope styles including double Dutch, single rope skills, partner jumping and choreography in a developmentally appropriate pace for students of all skill levels and experience.  This highly acclaimed program has been offered for over 20 years in the greater Seattle area, and garners high praise by both parents and our participants.  Students may choose to enroll for just a season or enroll throughout the year. Our program offers variations on skill development and varied themes each season.  Min. 15 students/Max. 30 students                


Little Coders                                       K-2nd                  Wednesday 1:15-2:15 PM

 Coding with Kids                           Technology Room                         $230/session

Get them started early! The Little Coders class provides young students with the basics of computational thinking skills, such as loops and conditionals, through a fun blend of hands-on activities. The curriculum is built specifically for this age group, with a mix of activities from coding puzzles and board games to easy-to-use, drag-and-drop programming tools. Projects are updated each session, so returning students will have new challenges to work through and advance their knowledge.  Min. 8 students/Max. 16 students

Sing Out Seattle                                          1st-5th                                   Wednesday 1:15-3:15 PM

David, Sing Out Seattle                             Portables                                          $230/session

Mary Poppins: Based on the Disney film and Broadway musical.  It’s the story of a magical nanny, Mary Poppins who inspires her two young charges, Jane and Michael Banks, with the help of Burt the Chimneysweep and a cast of unforgettable characters!  Songs include: “A Spoonful of Sugar”, “Jolly Holiday”, “I Love to Laugh”, “Feed the Birds”, “Chim Chim Cher-ee”, and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Space is limited so sign up today!  in. 24 students/Max. 30 students

Super Science                                 K-5th                 Wednesday 1:15-2:30 PM

 Sarah Whitehead                                    Room 8                                 $230/session

Science experiments, crafts, and films. We will learn about and then create: lava lamps, volcanoes, foam slime, electric butterflies, catapults, glow in the dark flowers, heart beats, finger prints, boats, and an egg drop. Small snack will be provided at the start of class. Min. 5 students/Max. 25 Students

Decorate Your Space                    K-5th                                Wednesday 1:15-2:15 PM

Lorrie Campbell                            Art Room                                   $185/Session

Trendy Crafts-Crafts Around the World
Join Trendy Crafts for a crafting adventure around the globe! Students will discover new cultures as they create unique treasures from a different country every week. As they craft, students will learn about the traditions and celebrations that inspired them. We will create Japanese cherry blossom lanterns, Day of the Dead Frames, and so much more! Min. 8 students/Max. 24 students


Chess Club                                            1st-5th                                    Thursday 2:30-3:30 PM

 Evan Matthews, Chess Coach                Library                                         $125/session

Join Lafayette Elementary Chess Club and learn tactics and strategies of chess! Chess Mates has been offering after-school chess programs in Seattle area public schools for more than 20 years.  Chess helps children built critical thinking skills and helps learning to focus and plan. Each class includes a lesson, chess puzzles and game-playing time. Chess Mates will provide student workbooks, chess sets and boards and other materials. All you need to be is eager to play and learn! Both beginner and intermediate players are welcome! Min. 8 students/Max. 16 students

Vine & Stem: Garden                       K-5th                      Thursday 2:30-3:30 PM

 Alden Alvarado                              Room 23                                 $165/session

Does your child want to spend more time in the garden? Come join Ms. Alden in the garden room to explore the garden, plants, and concepts like seeds and germination, flower dissection, how plants grow with light, and more. The class will also get to create various projects to take home like planters, bird houses, naturally dyed fabric, fragranced pillow spray and more. Students will also occasionally work on various school planting projects outside. Students will get a small snack each class and a recap of the activities and photos will be sent home via email.

Min. 6 students/Max. 20 students

School of Rock                                K-2nd                        Thursday 2:30-3:30 PM

 Ben Haber                            Portable 27                                                $140/session

School of Rock builds an exciting learning experience by employing strong teamwork and cooperative learning. We will explore fun games and activities that teach basic musical skills such as rhythm and pitch recognition. Much research and evidence has been documented citing the benefits of music education during a child’s early years to help them better develop skill sets in areas such as literacy, motor skills, and coordination. We will also get to study and try out many different instruments. Finally, all our activities are rooted in classic rock and popular music that is enjoyable for both children and their parents. Max. 12 students


After School Sports                          2nd-5th                                   Friday 2:30-3:45 PM

Mark Johnson                           Gymnasium                                    $175/session

Your student will have fun and learn good sportsmanship while participating in a variety of classic sports like kickball, dodgeball, basketball, football, baseball and soccer. Games will be played indoors when the weather is bad and outdoors when the weather is good. Drop off and pickup will take place in the school gym. Min. 10 students/Max. 25 students


Vine & Stem: Harry Potter                           2nd-5th                              Friday 2:30-3:45 PM

Alden Alvarado                                           Room 23                                           $200/session

Harry Potter inspired STEAM

Vine & Stem created a STEAM program that brings science into a magical world inspired by Harry Potter. Students will get to make crafts like their own wands, troll slime, Patronus keychains (all to take home) as well as enjoy things like Butter beer and chocolate frogs. Science experiments will also be a key part to the course with things like Snape’s bubbling potions and brews, Professor Flitwick’s static electricity levitating orbs, Ms. Sprout’s pH testing flowers and more. We will also learn about the animals in the Harry Potter universe like owls, spiders and snakes. Each class a recap of the experiments and photos will be sent home via email, so you can easily spark conversation with your child about what they did that day. Min. 6 students/Max. 25 students



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