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Educational Links

Arts, Crafts, & Fun

Art Kids Rule – Art Projects for kids and families – Space Hopper, Math Baseball, Grammar Gorillas and more!

Joseph Wu’s Origami Page – Learn how to fold paper into amazing shapes.


National Geographic Map Machine – Facts about countries of the world, maps and more

Library of Congress Country Studies Handbook – Description and analysis of historical, social, economic, political, and national security systems of 101 countries

50 – Facts about the states and capitals

Language Arts

The Grammar Lady – There is something for everyone here on the use and abuse of the English language. It’s not as dull as it sounds!

Encarta World Dictionary & Thesaurus – Check your spelling… Learn new words! With links to other useful and fun Encarta references.

Game Goo – Phonics Activitles for K-1

Spelling City – Practice for your spelling test. Play games with your words.

Star Fall – Reading, Phonics and Fun

Seussville – Enjoy the world of Dr. Seuss

PBS Kids – Play the PBS Shows

Raz Kids – Practice your Reading

Libraries & Books

English Server Libraries – Links to Libraries Worldwide

King County Library – King County Library

Seattle Public Library – Seattle Public Library

Tumble Books – Read Books online, Reading related actvities.

MAP Skills Reading Practice – Sharpen your skills with a wide range of actvitles.

Book Wizard – Check the guided reading level of the book you are reading.


Kids Bank – Learn what happens to your money at the bank.

Units of Measurement – Everything that you need to know about measurements.

Math Curriculum – Family Letters

Everyday Math Games – The New Math program also has a math game option kids can use. username: stud967 password:111

2-3 Math Games – Math activities for Grades 2 and 3

4-5 Math Games – Have fun with these Math activities for Grades 4 and 5

Xtra Math – You can create an account. log in and practice math facts. FREE

Acrade Game Math Fact Practice – Sharpen your Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division skills.

K-1 Math Games – A Collection of Math Games for K-1 students

MAP Skills Math Practice – Here are links to website so that kids can practice skills


SAM – Seattle Art Museum

The Smithsonian Institution – The Smithsonian Institution

NGA Kids – National Gallery of Art’s interactive childrens’ pages

Science & Nature

Astronomy Picture of the Day – Explore space with NASA. There are some amazing images on this site!

Beakman and Jax – Ask Beakman science questions and learn projects that you can do at home.

Cells alive! – Interested in microscopic cells, viruses and bacteria?

Dinosaur – Enchanted Learning Software

Explore Science – This site will walk you through various demonstrations.

The Exploratorium – The museum of science, art and human perception.

Falcon Research Group – Live images of the Peregrine Falcons in downtown Seattle!

Howstuffworks – Find out how a car engine works and much more.

Human Anatomy Online – What is under your skin?

Leopard Panthera pardus – Learn more about our school mascot.

NASA – NASA – Space

Pacific Science Center – Seattle Center information, including schedules as well as online exhibits.

Sci4Kids – Science with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Welcome to the Planets – NASA and the California Institute of Technology team up to bring you the solar system.

Astronomy Picture of the Day’s Educational Links – What follows is a list of resources that excel in astronomy education

News Services, Newspapers

CNN – National News

KING TV – Local News

KIRO TV – Local News

CBS – National News

KOMO TV – Local News

ABC – National news

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer – This is an online Newspaper

The Seattle Times – Newspaper

References – Great Books Online. Includes the American Heritage Dictionary, Columbia Encyclopedia, and many more.

Encyclopedia Britannica – The entire encyclopedia online

Merriam Webster Online – Merriam Webster Dictionary Online – Information and translation for over 200 languages.

The Audubon Society – Fly here to learn about birds

Search Engines for Kids

Ask Jeeves for Kids – Search Engines for Kids

Education World – Search Engines for Kids

Yahooligans – Search Engines for Kids

Government & History

Access Washington – Washington State’s Home Page – Find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about all sorts of famous people.

City of Seattle – City of Seattle

Early America – History of Early America

HistoryLink – Seattle history in pictures by Paul Dorpat and Walt Crowley.

White House for kids – A kid’s guide to the White House

Congress for Kids – Learn about the federal government. Topics include : 13 colonies, Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, governmental branches, and how a law is made.

Medieval Technology Pages – An attempt to provide accurate, referenced information on technological innovation and related subjects in western Europe during the Middle Ages.

Schools, School Systems

The Alliance For Education – offers information on the Gate’s Technology grant.

Edgate – Seattle School’s choice for Teacher sites

Spectrum Steering Committee – Spectrum Steering Committee

Seattle Public Schools – District home page

National PTA – The largest volunteer child advocacy organization in the United States – U.S. Department of Education

Parent/Teacher References

Ask ERIC – Syracuse University and the US Dept. of Education team up to answer questions regarding education. There is a virtual library, Q&A, as well as lesson plans.

Children’s Software Review – Provides Reviews of children’s software, electronic toys, and web sites.

Cyberspace for Parents and Kids – A parents guide to the Internet.

Family Education Network – Great educationally oriented site.

Kidsource – Provides education and health-care information for parents.

PBS Teacher Source – Various lessons available, including ones involved with PBS broadcasts.

TeacherWeb – FREE web sites for teachers.  Note: See Edgate above, which is the selected site for Seattle Schools. – Everything for Education K-12 – is a highly specialized educational directory with FREE categorized resources for educators, teachers, students and families

Sites for Teachers – Numerous links to educational Web site. Ratings are recalculated every hour.


Dance Mat typing – Practice Basic Keyboading Skills

Build an Electric Train – Do you like to train your brain? Then this All Aboard game is for you! Using track, train and scenery, you can design your own virtual train set. This set of art tools is a fun way to exercise your thinking skills.

Math BINGO – Play Math BINGO to practice your math skills in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

ABC BINGO – Have fun learning your letters and playing BINGO

Kerpooof – Discover the world of Kerpoof

Rush Hour – Can you solve the Puzzles?

Family Activities

National Parks – Outdoors and Recreation

Washington State Parks – Washington’s many state parks offer every sort of outdoor recreation

Seattle Parks and Recreation – Information about parks, community centers, and activities calendar

Seattle Festivals and Events – City of Seattle citywide events calendar

Seattle Arts and Entertainment – Official City of Seattle’s listing of music, dance, performing arts and more

Walk-A-Thon Business Sponsors

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German Language Services – GLS is a well-established translation company with over 30 years of continuous experience in the German / English translation business.

Dynamic Interactions – Our mission: To have a positive and powerful impact on the wider world through our work with leaders and teams.

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West Side Gymnastics Academy

Niederberger – At Niederberger Contracting we are committed to building structures that stand the test of time.



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