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Lafayette Elementary School
2645 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116
206-252-9501 fax

To report an absence or late arrival, please call (206) 252-9502. For absences you may also email the school’s administrators and your teacher.

Principal:  Ms. Cindy Chaput
Lafayette Elementary School’s Website
About Lafayette Elementary School
Lafayette Elementary Staff

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  1. Is there a link to view the Laf Family Handbook? There was one on the LAF SPS website but the link does not work.

  2. I’m wondering if anyone has news on who the teachers will be for both second and fourth grade spectrum this year (2015/2016). I have kids going into both classes this year, and still no idea who the teachers are. Does anyone have information they can share, or know when the school plans to make this info available?


  3. I will be a parent of a kindergartner for the upcoming school cycle. I need help finding before school care for my 5 year old daughter. Parents and/ or staff Do you know places and their prices for before school care? Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    1. The only place I know of is Hiawatha, but they’re usually booked. Try making friends with another parent that doesn’t head to work in the mornings.

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