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Words from the PTA President

This is a reminder about the Safety and PTA General Meeting on Thursday, January 17th. This meeting was already going to be important before we received news of Shauna’s departure, but now it’s more important than ever. First, from 6:00-7:00pm parent are invited to come early for a discussion about safety at the building. Given recent events, this is an important issue fresh on our minds. Come ask questions, express concerns, hear what steps have been taken to improve safety and security at Lafayette, and hear what ideas other parents have presented and are researching. You may be interested in joining this effort. Shauna and our Interim Principal, Birgit McShane, will be on hand for this important topic.

Next, from 7:00-7:45pm we will have our regular PTA meeting. Along with our other reports, we have some important business to attend to during this meeting. First, we need to hold an election for our recently nominated Vice President Candidate, Sean Reynolds. Second, we will be discussing and voting on special PTA budget allocation using funds that were previously unallocated.

Finally, beginning at 7:45pm the Executive Director for West Seattle Schools, Carmela Dellino, will be joining us to talk about the recent announcement that we are again hiring a new principal to lead our school. She will be bringing Dan Dizon, a Director in Human Resources for Seattle Public Schools to hear what we have to say. It will be a packed evening, and we truly hope you are able to make it because we need as many voices as possible on all the topics mentioned above. We will be meeting in the library, and there will be free childcare for school-aged children.

Like many of you, we were shocked and disappointed to find that our new leader would be leaving us. Our community, our staff, and most importantly our kids deserve quality and consistency. With your input, your PTA will advocate strongly for these things over the coming weeks and months. Hope to see you Thursday!

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