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Q&A: 2020-21 Kindergarten

We suggest the following:

  • the PTA hosts various play dates throughout the summer to make new friends or re-connect with old ones.
  • buy tickets to our auction, we’ll do our best to seat you with other incoming kinder families, it is a great way to make new friends.
  • sign up to receive our emails.
  • visit our website periodically for kindergarten and general school updates.
  • follow us on Facebook for kindergarten and general school updates.

09/09/19, 8am: Kindergarten Tea & Tissues

We look forward to getting to know your family and hope we can meet many of you at our annual Tea & Tissues.  After you drop off your Kindergartener, make your way to the school cafeteria to meet with other parents, PTA members, our principal, Cindy Chaput, and assistant principal Laura Kaplan to share in coffee/tea, pastries and conversation.  There are many feelings associated with this exciting time, expect to shed some tears, hopefully more happy than sad.

Thank You to parent volunteer Alden Alvarado for coordinating this event for the PTA and our kindergarten families!

Your RSVP helps us to plan accordingly.

09/04-06/19: Kindergarten Family Connection Conferences

  • Visits will be scheduled September 4-6.
  • Please let your teacher know if they can arrange for an interpreter to ensure good communication.
  • This 30-40-minute conference will give your kindergarten teacher a chance to learn about your child and family. This is your time to share your goals and to tell us about your child’s strengths, abilities and needs.
  • Please bring your student with you, they will get to meet their new teacher, see their new classroom and desk and hear about their kindergarten routine.
  1. Ms. Smith:  Conference Sign-Up
  2. Ms. Peterson:  Conference Sign Up
  3. Ms. Joseph:  Conference Sign Up
  4. Ms. Sarah (Benson):  Conference Sign Up

Family Connections Conferences Held During First Three Days of the School Year for Kindergarten Families.

Ensuring our schools are inclusive and welcoming is a priority of staff and the School Board. Kindergarten in Seattle Public Schools is an important transition point in the lives of a family and student. We offer several options for kindergarten students to engage with their teacher and school leading up to the first day of class.

One state requirement, necessary for providing free all-day kindergarten, is the implementation of Family Connection, a parent-teacher conference held during the first three days of the school year.

Learning begins with building relationships. Family Connection visits are an opportunity for kindergarten teachers to find out about our youngest learners’ strengths, abilities and needs during individual family conferences. The conference also can be celebrated as a special moment in the kindergarten transition process and an important step in a student’s educational journey. The Washington State Legislature approved use of up to three full school days to support Family Connection (SSHB 1723) in 2016.

Family Connection scheduling is negotiated with Seattle Education Association (SEA) and is included in the 2015-18 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Per the CBA, to support a strong transition to school, each elementary and K-8 school begins with family-teacher conferences, held during the three-day week following Labor Day. The following Monday, Sept. 9, all kindergarten students start school.

Our goal is to ensure the transition to kindergarten is as smooth as possible. Below is information on opportunities available to families and students leading up to Sept. 9. We are eager to welcome all of our students for the 2019-20 school year and will be ready to celebrate them whether they arrive on Sept. 4 ( first day of school for 1st through 12th graders), Sept. 9 (kindergarten and preschool students).

Kindergarten Transition

  • One of the surest ways to ease children’s transition to school is to give them opportunities to meet and make friends with fellow students.  The last kindergarten play date is scheduled for September 7 at 10am, please RSVP.
  • Visit the playground.  Not only is it fun but you are almost guaranteed to meet other Lafayette families.
  • Share your own stories or borrow picture books from the library about starting school. The Seattle Public Library has books, CDs and DVDs in many languages. If your child doesn’t already have a library card, this is a great time to get one – just ask for help from your local branch library staff.
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