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Do You Peleton?

Get the kids up and active. Peloton is launching on-demand family content to keep the kids entertained while they are stuck in the house. This family friendly programming will include 10 episodes across meditation and cardio, with classes appropriate for ages 5-15.   Learn more here.

March PE with Mr. Cudney

This month Mr. Cudney is doing a unit called Cirque Du Lafayette.  The students will have an opportunity to use some of the non-traditional equipment to practice new skills – *uni-cycling, climbing, juggling, balancing, cup stacking and more.

*Unicycles are for Grades 3– 5 only.  Please note:  It is highly recommended for students in Grades 3-5 to bring their own helmet from home on their PE days during this unit.  It is safer and saves a lot of time.  Unicycles will not be offered as a choice during this unit if students do not bring their own helmet.  Lafayette does not have the necessary equipment to allow for safe helmet sharing.

Here’s what to look forward to in March:

  • Psycho-motor- Climbing, Cup Stacking, Juggling, Balancing
  • Cognitive- Following steps to learning new skills
  • Social/Emotional- Sharing equipment when at a station with others
  • Progressive Plank: 25 Seconds
  • Yoga: Extended Triangle Pose

Family Challenge: Practice Push-ups together 3 or more times a week.

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