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Earth Day Mon April 22nd Volunteers Needed

3 Parent Volunteers per time slot would be greatly appreciated!  Come join us for Earth Day Fun!  Register as a volunteer in the front office and sign in.

Students are encouraged to bring a potted outdoor flower to plant out front of the school or a book to donate to the Little Free Library. 

8:30-9- Takahashi
9-9:30 Jones
9:30-10 Miller
10-10:30 Benson
10:30-11 Whipple
11-11:30 OPEN
11:30-12 Peterson
1-1:30 Joseph
1:30-2 Schroeder/Fadness
Front Planting
9-9:30 Jospeh/Smith
9:30-10 McBeth/Whipple
10-10:30 Schroeder
10:30-11 Duke
Seed Bombs
12-12:30 McBeth
12:30-1 Ferguson/ Wieland
1-1:30 Ferguson/ Wieland
1:30-2 Thompson
Please meet by the portables for the mural, in the front of the school for planting, and in the kindergarten garden for seed bombs. Ensure that your children are wearing clothes that can get dirty. We would love to have at least 3 parent volunteers for the time slot;  they will need to arrive 10 minutes before the project start time to sign in at the office and meet you in your classroom. Let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you for participating!

Science Alert and Garden Classes!

Science Alert!!!  This news is big! Most of you might remember that last year we left some pumpkins to rot in the garden to see if they might come back. Pumpkins are full of seeds. They rot, the seeds plant themselves and with a little water, sun, a visit from a bee, and time a new pumpkin can grow.  Go check it out! The pumpkin is getting bigger everyday!  

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Fall Classes in the Garden: New classes are up! Have fun kids!

Garden Gnomes Wanted!

Our school garden is in full spring swing and we are looking forward to a busy summer to prep for our fall harvest!  Please consider helping in one of the ways listed below.  Bring your family and little helpers too!
*Spring weeding – 1 hour of weeding in the garden
*Garden Class Helpers  -Help with a 30 minute activity with a class in the garden.
*Garden party planners and helpers – We will have a party in the garden during spring fling with crafts and produce tasting.
*Summer – Adopt the garden for a week – water and weed for a week.
To volunteer or ask questions, please send an email to
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