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10/15/20, Take Out, Delivery or Pick Up from MOD Pizza

October 15, 10:30AM-10PM, Dine Out at MOD Pizza.  Take-Out, Delivery or Pick Up fundraiser to support Lafayette.  MOD Pizza is donating back 20% when YOU dine out and take out! You can participate in this fundraiser by:

  • Take out
  • Delivery
  • Pick up

To place your order visit MOD Pizza’s online order website. Use the promo code of “GR159158L” and 20% of your meal’s price will be donated back to Lafayette Elementary School PTA.  Automatically add this event to your calendar.

10/14/20, 2:15PM: Virtual Assembly with Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

There are over 30 species of wild cats in the world. The zoo has majestic Sumatran tigers, acrobatic clouded leopards, a leaping serval and a Canada lynx. Find out how these four species compare with other cats around the world and learn some fascinating feline facts.

Lesson length: 40 mins, can be extended to one hour as needed for Q&A
Platform: Video conference via webcam/desktop using Zoom
Recommended age: 6-12 years

  • Introduction to the diversity and wonder of global wild cat species
  • Discussion of awesome adaptations for survival by habitat
  • See our zoo cats in action and hear what it’s like to care for them.
  • Interactive Q&A at the conclusion of the program

Request the link or automatically add it to your calendar.

10/13/20, 3PM, STEM Club: Animal Engineers

Our very own Ms. Alden will be hosting 2 STEM Club Meet Ups.  Lets design, build, and have a good time! STEM club focuses on giving the kids an opportunity to engineer solutions and learn some cool facts while getting to design some hands on solutions to a STEM challenge.

October 13, 3PM:  Animal engineers will focus on how animals build in the wild (from beaver dams to bird nests) and give the kids a chance to design their own animal inspired structure.  Request the link or automatically add it to your calendar.

October 21, 2PM:  Animal optical illusions will focus on how we can trick the eye by making an animal inspired thaumatrope.  Request the link or automatically add it to your calendar.

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