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Every Little Bit Counts Fundraising: Give with BING (2 days left!)

Is BING your search engine?  Switch to Give Mode.  Give with Bing is a new way to support Lafayette, simply by searching with Bing. Switch on Give Mode to join Microsoft Rewards and your Bing searches will earn points that are automatically donated to Lafayette.
Get 1,000 Microsoft Rewards points to donate to a school of your choice when you join Give with Bing. Select your school and your Bing searches will earn points that are automatically donated. *Special offer valid from 8/15/2020 to 9/30/2020

TODAY, 7PM, Room Parent Meet Up

Calling all Room Parents!  We are so THANKFUL to all of the parent volunteers who have raised their hands to be “Room Parents” this year.  Obviously it will look a little different but we are going to do our best to make this a memorable year for our teachers and students.  We will be having a Room Parent brainstorming session on Monday, September 28 at 7PM on how Room Parents and Parent Volunteers can help their teachers and classrooms in the remote learning model.  Meeting link or automatically add it to your calendar.


Attached are the Lafayette Volunteer Guidelines.

Stay Connected to Your Lafayette Community

Stay connected with your Lafayette Community.  We have so many ways for you to engage.  WOW – last week we had 297 Lafayette PTA Members comprised of parents/guardians and students, as of today we have 354!  Help us reach our goal and grow our membership for 2020-21.

The goal of the PTA is to support the school’s academic success and enrich the student experience while building a strong community.  By providing a volunteer presence, participating in the decision making process, and providing additional financial resources, we are partners with the teachers and staff in their endeavor to teach our children social-emotional learning, critical thinking, science, reading, writing, mathematics, technology, health + wellness, and art + music.  We have a limited number of scholarships available for PTA Membership, if you would like to request a scholarship, please contact us at

Join the PTA!

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