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Get Ready for School: Student Verification Form Available on September 4

The 2019-20 student data verification form will be available Sept. 4 through Sept. 30, 2019.

The student data verification form, sent out at the start of each school year, will be available in September online through the Source.

The student data verification form gives parents and guardians the opportunity to update emergency and medical information for their student.

The online form replaces the paper form sent home at the beginning of each school year and offers a secure and green alternative to the paper-based process.

Parent and Guardian Process to Complete the Form

Families are encouraged to complete this form to ensure Seattle Public Schools has current student information including emergency contact information.

To fill out your student’s data verification form please sign into the Source and click Data Verification Form.

  • The system allows for only one data verification form to be submitted per student. If another legal guardian has initiated filling out the data verification form, you will receive an error indicating that the form is associated with another account.
  • If you have multiple students at the district, you will fill out a data verification form for each student.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this form only available for a short period of time?

The district provides parents and guardians the ability to update student information every year to ensure we have accurate information on file. Student records are updated at the beginning of the school year in September.

What is The Source?

The Source provides access to student record information such as attendance, assessment scores, library information, and classes.

How do I set up a Source account?

To set up an account, parents and guardians will use the email address that is currently on record at their student’s school. Read more about The Source including how to set up your account.

I do not see the verification ICON?

The Data Verification feature is only on the Source during the month of September. After September 30, the icon will no longer be available via the Source.

Starting October 1, please contact your school office or the Admission Center for assistance: to update your information.

What happens to my student’s records if I do not update the information currently on file?

If not updated, your student’s information will remain the same as it was the previous year.

Who do I contact if I have any issues?

If you have general questions, please contact your student’s school office. If you are having technical difficulties, please contact

Can I change the language of the form?

Within the student data verification form, look to the top right corner and click “change the language.”

I do not have access to the Internet at home, how can I update my student’s information?

You can contact your school or visit the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence to update your student’s information.

Families without Internet access at home can also visit public libraries and community centers to use a computer to complete the process. Visit the City of Seattle website for a list of where to go for free access to computers and the Internet.

SPS Budget and Bargaining, 08/21/19 Update

You can find information and updates regarding the SPS budget outlook for the coming years as well as information related to bargaining with the Seattle Education Association (SEA) for next school year and beyond on the Seattle Public Schools (SPS) bargaining and budget webpage.


  • 08/21/19: We are committed to paying competitive salaries, and in fact our paraeducators are the highest paid in the state. Starting salary for a Seattle Public Schools first-year teacher with a master’s degree is $69,800 for a 185-day school year. Last year, we were proud to provide a 10.5% increase for all SEA staff including teachers and classified staff.  Educator salary increases are important, our staff are the backbone of Seattle Public Schools (SPS), but any increase must be balanced with spending within our means. Eighty-five percent of our budget is dedicated to salaries and staff benefits. Both SPS and the SEA want competitive salaries for all of our staff. Since the new K-12 funding formula was implemented in 2018, we have not yet bargained with some of our other employee labor groups. These groups have staff that are among our lowest paid, and as SEA emphasized, it’s expensive to live in Seattle which makes providing competitive wages for all SPS employees critical.  There have been questions about our reserve fund. Currently we project we will have $136 million in our beginning fund balance for school year 19-2020, of which about $30 million is set aside for our rainy day fund which is 3% of our total expenditures. A 3% fund reserve is recommended by the state. A lot of our fund balance is restricted, for example grants, which can only be used for specific activities and is not available for bargaining. About $60 million of the reserve fund is planned to be spent down over the next few years. The district has been very disciplined and responsible about managing spending. Some of the reserve will be used to address projected shortfalls over the next three years. We have and will be spending most of these funds on staff salaries, students and programming, and addressing unfunded mandates from the state like the new medical insurance changes. We are working hard to balance costs that we can maintain over time without overspending and cutting critical services to students. It is our responsibility to provide families with certainty and stability when it comes to the excellent education we provide for their children. We must take the long view.  We look forward to completing the bargaining process with our educators and staff and starting the new school year on time. We are fully committed to a contract that provides competitive wages with our neighboring districts while also fully funding the critical programs and services that our diverse student population relies on and maintaining a balanced budget.  Read more about the budget and bargaining process.
  • 08/19/19:  Seattle Public Schools and the Seattle Education Association are bargaining a new contract that will begin next school year, 2019-20. The district continues to bargain in good faith and look to SEA to continue to join us at the table for productive conversations. It is our goal to start our school year on time and look forward to continuing to partner with SEA to eliminate opportunity gaps for students and to provide excellence in education for every one of our more than 53,000 students.  Seattle Public Schools works hard to balance our budget and fairly compensate our hard-working staff. Last year we were able to provide a 10.5 percent salary increase to all our teachers and classified staff. A first-year teacher with a master’s degree earns $69,800 for the 185-day school year at Seattle Public Schools and we pay the highest salary in the state to our paraeducators. We are actively comparing our salaries to neighboring districts and have every intention of remaining competitive, but we have to balance that against what we can afford and our fiscal responsibility. We must ensure we don’t negatively impact students, especially those furthest from educational justice, with cuts to vital programs and services. We hope SEA will continue to have authentic and transparent conversations about compensation and the reality of the district’s budget. We ask the SEA to focus on bargaining with the district, with a goal to start school on time for our students and families.

Budget Information for 2019-20

The Bargaining Process

Since May 2019 representatives from the SPS administration and the SEA Bargaining Team have been meeting to negotiate a new SEA contract.

Last year SPS was thrilled to offer our represented staff including teachers and paraeducators a 10.5% raise for a one-year contract.

1-year, 2018-19 SEA Collective Bargaining Agreements


May 2019, Start of bargaining

August 27 – SEA General Membership Meeting, per the SEA timeline

Wednesday, September 4 – Start of School for 1-12 grade students

Monday, September 9 – Family Connection Conferences for incoming kindergarten and preschool student families.


*The Seattle Public Schools (SPS) bargaining and budget webpage will be updated as more information becomes available.

Get Ready for School: Immunizations

Seattle Schools requires provider verified records.

WA State Residents: You can download a copy of your child’s immunization record by going to You must register for an account and then log in. Go to “MyImmunizations” at the top of the page and click the “Certificate of Immunization” button to download the pre-filled CIS. Save to your computer.  You can also call or email the Department of Health  office at or 1-866-397-0337.


DiscoverU: October 14-18

Seattle Public Schools is taking part in the DiscoverU campaign the week of October 14-18.

DiscoverU is a week devoted to college and career exploration in our schools and an opportunity for students to participate in fun activities and conversations that help them explore their career interests and learn about the education and skills needed to get there.

SPS is asking teachers and staff to wear their college gear, share their college and career paths with students and lead fun college and career exploration activities.

Read more about DiscoverU

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