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OMY DESIGN & PLAY creates and designs joyful, graphic and smart products for the entire family. Decorating becomes a game, a moment where friends and family can create and share together. Each product can be easily recognized by the surprising sizes – from tiny to giant, bright colors and fun sense of humor.   Learn more here.

Rent Mason Bees

If you haven’t ordered your bees, now is the time to get them sent to your home. With the warmer weather, your flowers and trees will start blooming and will rely on pollinators to help them flourish. Order today, to get your non-stinging mason bees sent to your home. Your mason bee starter kit comes with house, nesting block, clay, flower seeds and a white tube filled with 60 mason bee cocoons. When your bees are born, they will mark your tube with a scent mark, so they know where to return to lay eggs. They are amazing pollinators and will help pollinate your garden and yard. Get started today with native mason bees, who co-exist with honeybees to help them with their workload and help farmers make more food.  Lear more about the program here.

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