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Donations for the Auction WELCOME! Art Projects DUE Feb 16th

We invite you to help us procure items or services for our annual school auction on March 30, 2019!  Reminder to turn in your Class Art Project before midwinter break, contact Renee to coordinate!   



Are you a season ticket holder to the ballet, symphony, theater, or one of our Seattle sports teams? Donate a pair to raise big bucks!


Do you have a friend, neighbor or family member who has a really cool job or hobby? Would they be willing to donate a few hours to educate others on what they do? Just donating 3-4 hours is plenty. Behind the scenes at a bakery, government office, or sports club house? Cool! Private lessons for golfing, snowboarding, knitting, or dancing!  Kid or adult experiences!


Do you have connections to get some really cool technology donated? XBOX, iPad, Wii, iPhone, Kindle or Nook? Help get us plugged in and raise money for Lafayette PTA!


Do you like to cook or do you know someone who owns a restaurant or catering business? Can you teach someone to make something special? Restaurant gift cards are always a hit too! What else can be said? Lafayette parents love to eat!


Do you own a vacation home or timeshare? Why not donate the weekend to the auction?


Any sort of gift card (even at lower denominations) is welcome. These will be part of the silent auction; either individually or as part of a package or used as raffle and game prizes.


Exciting gift baskets with inventive themes are always great sellers! Buy a basket and fill it up for a great donation which will get lots of attention!

We hope to see you there!

Please contact Tracy White at with any donations or questions. 

School Musical The Jungle Book June 6, 7, 8

Our School play this year is brought to us by our teachers Ms. Duke, Mr. Payne & Ms. Bajaj and our PTA Vice President Jenny King! They will rehearse during STEAM hour for the next two trimesters.  Mr. Payne and Ms. Duke are team teaching. Mr. Payne is teaching music and Ms. Duke will be staging each scene. Ms. Bajaj is leading STEAM classes in set design to create scenery for our stage.

The shows will be June 6, 7, and 8 at 6:30pm and one matinee show at Noon on Saturday the 8th at the West Seattle High School theater.  We’ll have dress rehearsals at the theater after school on June 4 and 5. 

A school play with a large cast is a huge undertaking!  We can use many parent volunteers to make the show a success. 

Volunteer Needs:

  1. Costume coordinator:  We have many costumes stored in the movement room.  Our coordinator would need to take stock of what we already have and find others to help find or make costumes we still need.  During dress rehearsals and shows, the coordinator will need to find a volunteer team to help kids with getting dressed, costume changes, and keeping track of costume pieces.
  2. Program/Poster designer:  We need someone with design skills to create a program for performances and posters to advertise the show!
  3. Backstage Supervision: During dress rehearsals and shows we’ll need several adult volunteers to help supervise kids who are not onstage.  

Thanks for your support!  This should be a fun learning experience for our kids.  – Lisa Duke

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