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Annual Budget

The Budget Committee works with the PTA Board and the school to determine what key programs to support for Lafayette’s academic success.

There are three basic steps in developing a PTA budget:

  1. Determine the PTA’s goals and objectives and assign costs to them.
  2. Develop a revenue source to cover the costs of the goals and objectives.
  3. Reconcile or balance steps 1 and 2 with each other.


BUDGET COMMITTEE.  The Budget Committee meets regularly to make sure we are staying within budget.  In the Spring, the Committee works closely with School Administrators and the PTA Board to figure out the needs of the school, how to fund those needs.  Based on these needs, the Committee formulates a proposed budget for the Board to review and approve on how the fundraising dollars are allocated.  Join us if you are interested in being part of the decision making process of how and what the PTA funds are allocated.   The proposed budget is presented to the PTA Board in April/May for review and voting and the Board presents the finalized budget to the general membership for approval in May.  Budget Committee Chair, Jennifer Tran.

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