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About the Lafayette PTA

Support the school’s academic success and enrich the student experience while building a strong community.

The Lafayette PTA is an affiliated unit of the Washington State PTA and the National PTA.  An annual fee is required for a membership, and a membership is required for certain volunteer responsibilities.  The WSPTA is changing their membership platform this year, once it goes live, we’ll let you know so you can sign up for your 2019-20 membership.  Membership scholarships are available upon request, please contact us for more information.  Lafayette PTA, Local Unit #6-15-185.

Lafayette PTA
2645 California Avenue Southwest
Seattle, WA 98116
(206) 252-9500

We welcome your feedback, questions, and requests.

Life at school is BUSY and can be overwhelming!  We try our best to keep you informed about what is going on at every level (school, district and state).  We send weekly emails along with monthly newsletters.  Sign up to subscribe to our email here.  You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Our West Seattle community means everything to us. The Lafayette PTA would like to recognize the organizations in our community that have financially supported our school and our students.  Be sure to visit and say “thank you” when you are out and about shopping or dining around West Seattle and the Seattle area.

PTA Board Job Descriptions


  • Co-Secretary
  • Fundraising Chair
  • Legislative Chair
  • Co-Events Chair
  • Co-Communications Chair
  • Co-Enrichment Chair

The time commitment is up to you.  Many of our Board Officers/Members are working parents.  If you would like to be involved on a the PTA Board, join a committee and/or lead a program, we would love to hear from you!

While we have vacant spaces on the PTA Board, if you have an interest you would like to pursue, we are always looking to add new positions to the PTA Board.  Examples of this include our Garden/Science Program, Health/Fitness Coordinator, Spirit Wear and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. These positions were created because of passionate parents who saw a need and wanted to share their gifts of time and talent with our Lafayette students.

PTA Board Job Descriptions

  • BUDGET COMMITTEE.  The Budget Committee meets regularly to make sure we are staying within budget.  In the Spring, the Committee works closely with School Administrators and the PTA Board to figure out the needs of the school, how to fund those needs.  Based on these needs, the Committee formulates a proposed budget for the Board to review and approve on how the fundraising dollars are allocated.  Join us if you are interested in being part of the decision making process of how and what the PTA funds are allocated.   The proposed budget is presented to the PTA Board in April/May for review and voting and the Board presents the finalized budget to the general membership for approval in May.  2020-21 Budget Committee Chair, Jennifer Tran.

  • ENRICHMENT COMMITTEE.  Join us if you interested in being part of the decision making process of what programs are offered in our Enrichment Program.  2019-20 Enrichment Committee Chair, Joe Wadden.

  • DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION COMMITTEE.  We are connecting with each other, sharing resources, discussing ideas, and working to increase our community awareness of all populations and experiences at Lafayette.  We meet monthly, second Wednesdays, and are looking for your input.  We would particularly welcome those who do not currently feel their voice is represented or is being heard.  2019-20 DEI Committee Chair,  Jennifer Barringer.

  • SPECIAL EDUCATION FAMILY SUPPORT NETWORKThe Special Education Family Support Network is a volunteer school-based family support program made up of parents within our school with children in our Special Education program.  Parent Volunteer Pamela Phillips currently serves as our Special Education Parent Liaison.  As liaison, Pamela will provide a ‘parent-oriented’ point of connection between schools, district, and PTA. Within the Lafayette community her overall role is to help support families, students, and staff within the special education program at Lafayette Elementary to create best outcomes for students.  If you would like to be added to the Special Education Family Support Network or have questions, please contact Pamela Phillips, 2019-20 SpEd Parent Liaison.

  • FUNDRAISING COMMITTEES.  The Lafayette PTA currently has two main fundraising events each year, (1) Move-A-Thon (aka Walk-A-Thon), and (2) Live/Silent Auction.  Each of these events have their own committees.  Fundraising is integral to the PTA and how we fund programs, events, supplies, curriculum and more.  Join our fundraising committees, it truly takes a village to make these events successful.
  • EVENT COORDINATORS.  The PTA hosts many events throughout the year in an effort to build community with our students, teachers/staff, and our families.  Event Coordinators must work within its allotted budget when applicable.  Visit our Volunteer page for more information on the PTA events and joining a committee.

Committee Chairs/Coordinators work closely with the PTA Board, providing updates and information as needed to help the Board make informed decisions so we can stay on track and operate within our budget.  To join a committee and/or get more information, contact the Committee Chair/Coordinator directly.

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