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School Supplies

The 2021-22 school supply lists are available here.  There are several options available to purchase your supplies, please do what is best for your family.

  1. Download your list and hoof it to the store for good old fashion back to school shopping.
  2. Online Option No. 1:  With just one click, all of your selected items for your grade can go into the online cart of a major retailer of your choice, like Target, Amazon, Walmart, or Staples, for purchase and delivery directly to your home.
  3. Online Option No. 2:  Purchase your supplies from – using this option allows you to raise money for Lafayette and also make an extra donation to help our Lafayette students in need.

Be sure to review and compare the school list for your class with your cart to make sure you purchase everything you need.

To help students in need, please consider donating to our school supply scholarship fund and/or buy an extra set of supplies for your grade level.

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