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04/08/21, 5PM, Community Meeting

What’s next? 
  • We will have a meeting next Thursday, April 8th at 5:00 to review what is going well, what some of the challenges people have are and how we can address them.
What do people need to return?
  • 2 forms COVID legal agreement and nutrition services (these were emailed by your teacher)
  • Attestation filled out online
  • Masks for your student
What does the Arrivals and departures process look like?
  • Fill out online attestation before heading to school 
  • There are colored cohorts by teacher (green, red, orange, purple) this was grouped based on where the teachers room is in the building NOT by grade. Find the gate you have been assigned based on teacher. 
  • There will be an attestation worker at each gate (44th-green, lander-red, 45th- orange) that will check off that the attestation has been completed. If you have not done the attestation we will have qr codes so you can pull it up on your device to complete or use a school iPad to complete
  • Once your child is confirmed to have done the attestation you will say goodbye and they will walk through the gate onto the playground. They will follow their colored codes from the gate into the building. The first week some teachers may meet their students inside the gate so they can travel as a class. Thereafter the students will go on their own to their classroom and trickle in as they arrive. 
    • If we do not have an attestation and you drop your child off without filling one out at school your child will sit in the gym until you are reached to fill it out. 
  • They will be released to the same drop off point as in the morning, no playing on the playground allowed. 
Meal Sites
  • Meal sites will be opening earlier to correspond with the new bell times but will continue operating as they have been. For certain children lunch and meals may be at school but these are mainly those with IEPs. 
Review Emotional Support for Kids
  • Kenna will be onsite for here 2.5 days each week. The district has not offered additional mental health services or support at this time. 
Standardized Testing
  • Right now it looks like Lafayette will not be doing standardized testing this year
Review how people will know about a confirmed COVID case 
  • Please refer to the SPS policies here 
What does a day look like for a student? 
  • They will have 30 minutes of SEL (emotional learning time) often with the morning meeting, also time spent on math, reading and writing. There will also be a 15 minute recess that will be staggered. 
What supplies are needed? Tech?
  • This is up to each grade/teacher. You should have received an email with what your student needs to bring to school. Some rooms wont have 2 cohorts and can leave supplies, others cant. There are no drinking fountains so please bring a full water bottle, there are also no snacks or food so ensure your child has a full breakfast. 
Where do they store their supplies?
  • No lockers, supplies kept next to their desk in their backpack
When they get home, what does asynch look like? 
  • This will largely depend on the teacher, please work with them if you are having issues during the asynchronous learning time. 
What will Wednesday look like in remote learning? 
  • School will start at 8 am for all cohorts and both cohorts will be together for the day. Class will only run from 8-9:30 since the rest of the day is teacher prep time.
What will it look like for remote learners? 
  • This will vary by grade and teacher. Some teachers are teaching remote while they have a cohort in the room, others will have a cohort devoted exclusively to remote learners. To find out how your students day may change please reach out to your teacher since they will know best how things will work. 
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