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10/22/20, 7PM, Lafayette Parent Education: Chanel Reynolds

What:  Parent Education with Chanel Reynolds
When:  October 22 at 7PM
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The PTA invites you to join us for parent education on October 22, 7PM for a presentation focused on “getting your sh*t together” with guest speaker Chanel Reynolds. In 2009, Chanel’s husband was killed in an accident. She was suddenly thrust into a new world of being a single mom to 2 children, overwhelmed, under-prepared, and as well as a massively grieving widow. She has now made it her mission to share, what she wish she’d done and what you can do to be less screwed when life goes sideways and what can help before and after the sh*t hits the fan.

We will also have parent volunteers/attorneys Imants Holmquist and Lars Anderson to answer legal estate planning questions.

You will walk away with practical tools to prepare for the worst-case-scenario.
HarperCollins Author information.
Author Chanel Reynolds website.
Buy the book here.

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Thank You to Parent Volunteer Event Coordinator Kirsten Franklin-Temple.  If there are topics you are interested in learning more about for our parent education series, please let the PTA know!

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