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Talking to Children About Race Workshop

When:   June 30, 2020, 7—8:30 PM

Reserve Your Spot:  Pre-register for the event here.

The murder of George Floyd as only the latest example of state-sanctioned violence against Black people has resulted in world-wide, sustained protests and calls for action. As a result, many families are wondering how to best engage young people in conversations about all they are witnessing and how we got to this point. Far from being colorblind, most children begin to develop a complex understanding of racial differences and stereotypes from a young age. They may also judge their peers based on stereotypes that adults like to believe they are unaware of. If children are not given anti-racist information to process all of the messages they receive about race, they are left to draw their own conclusions. In this workshop, we explore the best ways to approach conversations about racism and privilege with children at different ages in order to better cultivate understanding and anti-bias in the next generation.

Presenter Ilsa Govan, Co-founder of Cultures Connecting (, has been engaging with people of all ages in conversations about ways to fight racism for more than twenty years. She is a former classroom teacher and is deeply invested in understanding how her own identity as a White woman influences how she can best advocate for racial justice.

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