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Fall Enrichment Vendor Application

Hello Wonderful Lafayette Enrichment Vendors,

We have revamped the Lafayette PTA Enrichment Program and have some updates for you. First of all, we will be moving to the digital platform “Homeroom” to make it easier for families to enroll and make payments made to vendors. Secondly, we have moved to a volunteer committee to run the Enrichment program. Kathy Johnson, our past coordinator and wonderful school secretary, will still be on site at Lafayette, but please direct any and all enrichment questions here.  Thirdly, our Enrichment program will have a new start time. Classes will start at 2:45pm on M, T, Th, Fri and 1:30pm on Wednesdays. We are changing this time so that we can provide a snack to the students before they are dismissed to your class. Enrichment programs run from September 23rd-December 6. There are 10 weeks for programs running on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. There are 9 weeks for programs running on Mondays and Fridays.
In an effort to have a better understanding of your class, we ask that you fill out this quick Vendor Application.
This will make it easier for us to have all of your information in one spot. Please complete this application by July 30th.
The Enrichment Committee will be reviewing applications in the beginning of August, and you should have a response from us by August 5th. We know that we have have many strong longstanding relationships with our past vendors and we appreciate you!
Attached is our school PTA Calendar with dates for classes. If you have any questions about this application, please feel free to contact the Enrichment Committee.
Enrichment Coordinator Team 
Joe Wadden (PTA Representative)
Monica Smith (Homeroom and Vendor Coordinator)
Jenny King (Site Coordinator)
Alden Alvarado (Site Coordinator)
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