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Madison Middle School PTSA Potluck June 3rd


Madison Middle School PTSA is excited to invite Families of Graduating 5th Graders to End of the Year Celebration and Potluck on Tuesday, June 3rd from 6-8 pm in the Madison Commons area (auditorium/lunchroom).  There will be members of the PTSA, students from ASB (Associated Student Body), and some staff including Dr. Gary our principal and Ms. Swiftney our assistant principal on hand to answer questions.  Students will give a tour of the school and answer questions about what it’s like to attend Madison.  There will be people on hand to give information about Band and Music Boosters, the MOST program (afterschool activities) and how to use the SOURCE online.

This is an exciting transition in your children’s lives.  It can also be anxiety provoking for both student and parent.  We hope to calm your nerves and get everyone in the house looking forward to the upcoming school year… before your summer has started!

Plates, beverages & utensils will be provided.  Please bring a dish according to your child’s last name.  Of course, if you have a favorite dish to share, by all means BRING IT and ignore the suggestions below!

A-K  Main dish
L-R Side Dish/salad
S-Z Dessert

We hope that you & your family can join us.  For those students attending other schools, we wish you the best!  Keep those connections between your classmates.

The Madison Middle School PTSA

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