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PTA General Meeting Minutes February 2014

Meeting:  Lafayette PTA General Meeting
Date/Time: February 27, 2014, 6:30pm
Location: Lafayette Elementary Cafeteria
Proper notice was given to all members

Katy Walum motioned to approve the minutes from the January, 2014 General Meeting. The motion passed.

Call to Order:
Sean Reynolds called the meeting to order at 6:35pm.
A quorum was present. The attendance sheet is attached.

Sean Reynolds gave a summary from last months highlights, specifically Principal, Robert Gallagher’s comments on Common Core.

Treasurer Report:

  • The largest transaction this month was $44,000 to the district.
  • See attached for detailed summary of financial business.
  • Some Walk-A-Thon money is still trickling in.
  • Auction money is starting to come in.

Fundraising Report: (via Sean Reynolds)

  • Buy your tickets to the Auction! We’re nearly sold out, seats are limited.
  • The new venue is at The Foundry by Herban Feast in SODO.  It is spectacular.
  • Kiran Robertson asked for more volunteers.
  • The Spring Fling date conflicts with the school.  We are moving it to May 16, 2014.

Budget Report:

  • Taeya Lauer talked about the budget process.  Will review and approve the budget sometime in April or May.
  • We are waiting for BLT to see what they will fund. There will be a survey in March to gauge priorities for funding.
  • We have spent $211,000 this year, but project only $100k next year. There will be a struggle to define the funding priorities.
  • Sean Reynolds wanted to clarify that the shortage isn’t our lack of fund raising; on the contrary, we’re doing great on that front.  Our large budget last year was due to a large carry over from the previous year (over $30,000) as well as several private donors.  It was agreed that we didn’t want to spend everything, but rather keep more in reserves.

Nominating Committee Report:

  • We are looking for 3 key positions:  VP, Treasurer, Co-Secretary
  • They are in the process of narrowing down a list of potential nominees to a final group of candidates.
  • If you have any questions, ask Annie Higgins, Chris Weinmann , or Sarah Volpone.
  • Sean Reynolds commented that we can vote at the April meeting or we can push if we need to.

President’s Report:
Sean Reynolds presented 3 versions of the PTA mission statement.  As we complete tasks such as balancing the budget, it’s good to understand how our mission statement guides our decision making as a group.

One of our biggest challenges is that we fund a large percentage of human resource salaries.  State PTA states that we shouldn’t do that.  Realistically as parents, if we don’t fund it, our kids won’t have it.  It’s a tough decision.

Possible Lafayette PTA Mission Statements:

  1. Support the school’s academic focus and enrich the student community.
  2. Support the school’s academic success and enrich the student schooling experience while building a strong community.
  3. Support staff and administrators in meeting their objectives for the school, provide enriching experiences for students, and foster a strong school community.

He instructed the group to think and comment on the possible mission statement.

Debra Hazlegrove asked him to explain the choice of the word “support”.  She asked if we also looked at other PTA Mission Statements.

Jill Peterson asked, as a group, do we support the staff or are we more dedicated to the students.  Sean Reynolds said that they we’re trying to be directional but leave room for interpretation.

The group indicated that they would like to combine 1 and 2:

“Support the school’s academic success and enrich the student schooling experience while building a strong community.”

Taeya Lauer motioned to approve the mission statement.  The motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:03pm

Introduced guest speaker Amy Lang.

The next general PTA meeting will be Thursday, April 24th 2014.

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