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Auction Thank-Yous

The Lafayette goes Hollywood PTA Auction was a huge success! It was great to see so many Lafayette parents and teachers have a collectively great time together while raising so much money for the school. How much you ask? We brought in close to $69,000 (gross, not net)!!!!!!!!

Many, many, many thanks to the all the people who worked on this event. Please forgive me if I forgot your name!

We had an awesome committee and this auction would not have happened without these AMAZING people: Olga Fisher, Sarah Dillard, Joel Oltyan, Diana Palmer, Emily Swanson, Kiran Robertson, Ellen Zoffel and Mark Zoffel.

A very special thanks to Jennifer Oltyan for the beautiful Auction Art Graphic.

Thanks to Chris Weinmann for the tasty beer!

To Karen Whorton for coordinating the Dessert Dash. Also thanks to the volunteers who baked or purchased desserts for the dessert dash: Rachel Hagenson, Sarah Dillard, Sherelle Sinko, Carrie Brown, Holly Bauersfeld, Heidi Taft, Katie Fuller, Jelena Svircev, Catherine Berglund, Mark Zoffel, and Nancy White.

Thank you to all who helped with Student Art: Ken Allen who took all the pictures and Kiran Robertson, Kathy Johnson, Heidi Taft, Cynthia Adams, Tas Philp, Beverley Buehler Marian Johnson, Dany Tomlinson, Joia Tatola, Melissa Fenno, Ken Bodensteiner, Kathy Humenik, Olga Fisher, Lai Wong Smith, Amy Sharp, Lauren Stephens, Maia Low, Jac Howard, Lara Swimmer, Andy Wakefield, Victoria Chhagan, Diana Palmer, Krystal Kelly, Bly Carling, Maddy Klum, Hayla Thompson, Rick Pratt, Deborah Hazelgrove, and Melia Scranton.

And now for the big list for the event setup and night of…Thanks to Jill Alvis and Sarah Dillard for their awesome décor and Tami Clark, Kristi Brown, Stephanie Jordan, Katie Weinmann, Margaret Gomez, Lai Wong Smith, Sunyan Perry, Lalida Snidvongs, Noelani Catrett, Lori Olin-Evans, Kimberly Pena, Victoria Chhagan, Stefanie Lemon, Erik and Katy Walum, Catherine Darwin, Patti Bunting, Ashley Gross, Mary Kay Sykes, Beverly and Larry Buehler, Meghan and Mark Hogan, Linda and Fred Bentler, Stephanie Jordan, David Toledo, Margaret Gomez, Lara Murphy, Andy Mason, Joia Tatola, Rachel Hagenson, Mary Ann Mason, Tom Collins, Ashley Gross, Rob Zoffel, and Jennifer Oltyan.

Thanks also to all Lafayette Staff for donating their wonderful experiences and especially to Mr. Gallagher and Ms. Nordhougen for their support and generous donations. Boy are those kids going to have a blast! And thanks also to all the Lafayette families who donated items to the event.

Leslie Francis
PTA Auction Chair

Thank YOU Leslie Francis

And most of all, a very special thank you goes out to Leslie Francis. On behalf of the entire Lafayette community – Leslie stepped up and coordinated a fantastic event, enlisted a tireless crew and substantially increased the impact that the Auction fundraiser has on the school. Thanks to Leslie for your leadership and devotion. You have upped the ante on a legacy for Lafayette.

Sean Reynolds
PTA President

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